Techniques developed by villagers in Himachal Pradesh can be integrated

A small group of islands in the Bay of Bengal is being eaten up by the sea

Drastic reduction in the cycle of shifting cultivation and soil erosion are forcing the Karbi tribe of Assam to explore sustainable agricultural practices

This is a true story of the beautiful state of Kerala, of its famed backwaters and wetlands, of its rain swept Western Ghats. It also speaks of the grime beneath the hype of a state which is home to "a generation on crutches", and of the environmental h

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand has claimed to have found a solution to soil erosion. Vetiver grass ( Vetiver zizinoidis) boasts of the longest roots in the plant kingdom. A vetiver root can

Villages on its path prepare for the recurrent misery of inundation as an apathetic government looks on

There have been 180 landslides in Sri Lanka since 1945, says the National Building Research Organisation (NABRO), accroding to a Panos report. Indiscriminate tree-felling, poor drainage and

Imagine living on a bump of land that the river is nibbling away relentlessly...

A couple in Kerala demonstrate that barren land can be brought back to life without using any external inputs.

In response to ecologists up in arms against the golf courses mushrooming all over the world, designers are now coming up with eco friendly courses.