Subsidy amounts and sales figures may not always be indicators of commercial success. After a decade old promotion campaign, only a few Indians own solar cookers and fewer still use them. Is the design, which is incompatible to Indian conditions, t

Research on solar cookers has remained the enclave of Gandhian innovators

Hyderabad, Dec. 18: The world

Based on very encouraging experiences with SK-14 cookers, Prof. Ajay Chandak designed solar community cookers of 2.0 m and 2.3 m diametres. After removing few teething problems, a number of agencies were trained to manufacture these community solar cookers.

India is currently the world's fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for 3.7% worldwide energy consumption. The energy for cooking accounts for 36% of the total primary energy consumption. In this regard, solar cookers are expected to contribute considerably towards meeting the domestic cooking energy requirement in a country like India, which is blessed with abundant sunshine.

  • The temple complex at Shirdi in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district, dedicated to the 19th century saint Sai Baba, now has one of the world's largest solar cooking systems •The solar rays are used to heat water and generate steam that is directed through pipes into steam cookers used for cooking rice, dal

Chennai: Solar thermal heating system is fast replacing petrofuels globally and China is leading the fray, followed closely by Germany . India is considered to have a vast potential but only a nano-fraction has been achieved so far.

Solar drying and cooking are a feasible proposition in most

Auroville, a small community in Pondicherry is involved in a microcosm of sustainable practices through focus on solar energy.

An extension of the pursuit of inner purity to purer forms of energy