Peshwe Energy Park, Pune

The potential of non-conventional resources may be limited, but the Rajasthan government is keen to tap all avenues at the earliest. It has come up with a policy document for promoting generation of electricity through non-conventional sources. In the past, three such policy frameworks had been issued, but not much in the form of generation could be achieved.

The International Conference for Renewable Energies is to be held in Bonn, Germany. But here is a sector dwarfed by fossil fuels, and although governments can proactively root for renewables, and some have, the options given to developing countries are qu

Breaking with tradition, Union finance minister Jaswant Singh chose not to conform to the two part format while delivering his maiden budget speech on February 28. But there was no departure from practice in this year s Union budget as it was at the end o

An extension of the pursuit of inner purity to purer forms of energy

Forget health impacts, tiny particles floating in the air are altering regional climates and affecting monsoon patterns and agricultural yield. These particles could be emanating from diesel and industrial emissions, biomass burning for cooking, forest fi

The threats from aerosols are all pervading

Aerosol research is still in its infancy. Further studies will reveal the definitive long term impact of these tiny particles

Solar lighting systems have brightened up the gloomy winters of Himachal Pradesh s Mayad valley

Despite being clean, alternative fuels fail to become the first choice