By Naba Bhattacharjee

Pallavi Bisaria / New Delhi/ Lucknow November 10, 2008, 0:42 IST

In order to popularise alternative methods of conventional energy, the Uttar Pradesh government has announced subsidy on solar water heating systems.

The scheme will be carried out through the Non-conventional Energy Development Agency (NEDA), a state government nodal agency for renewable energy.

The need to meet the growing energy demand from Zambia

Renewable energy offers the planet a chance to reduce carbon emissions, clean the air, and put the civilization on a more sustainable footing. It also offers countries around the world the chance to improve their energy security and spur economic development.

West Bengal buildings to go solar KOLKATA"s green drive takes a significant turn, with West Bengal

DH News Service, Bangalore:

The US-based Clinton Foundation has evinced interest in setting up solar farms to generate 5,000 mw power under public private partnership model, in the State.

Manisha Jha

NEW DELHI: In a new eco-friendly initiative, the New Delhi Municipal Council has decided to install solar lights in two of the Capital

What do a small Italian village, a community of millionaires in Oregon and a town in Austria have in common? Nearly all of their electricity needs are supplied by renewable energy. They are by no means the only ones. A growing number of communities are working towards using only electricity generated by renewables.

Climate change represents one of the humanity

That we need 'green' technologies-wind, solar or biomass gasification -- for future energy security is no longer a matter of debate. The critical question, now, is: under what conditions can these emerging technologies be introduced into the market?