TAMIL Nadu will soon have a solar thermal power station in Sivaganga district, chairman, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Authority (TEDA), Mohan Varghese Chungath told a meeting on

The use of heat pumps in connection with solar thermal energy systems is becoming increasingly popular in Central Europe. Other countries are also finding this combination attractive.

Nagpur: Less than a year ago, 50-year-old Kalavati Bandukar knew the value of energy but little about the difference between nuclear, thermal, or renewable energy sources.

But this widow, whose husband, a farmer, committed suicide in 2005 after being unable to pay his debts, is now learning not only about the different kinds of power but also the politics of power.

The use of solar energy is now moving into new frontiers, some as varied as illuminating the billboards. Perhaps the sun is becoming brighter as the day progresses more so in the rural landscapes and lately within the urban ambiences too. The moot question that remains is whether there is a compulsive need to use solar energy for urban uses like advertising?

There are certain technology challenges which have waited in vain over several decades for a satisfactory solution. The economical storage of electricity is one of them. But intensive work in the meantime is driving advances along various avenues.

It keeps on growing and growing - the installed capacity for renewable energy sources. Some regions in Europe are doing especially well out of the renewable energy industry.

This case study will describe an initiative jointly taken by Development Alternatives (DA) and SCATEC Solar-Norway to study the techno-social-financial viability of a clean and decentralised power plant. For this action research project, the team has identified 2 villages (Rampura and Gopalpura of Jhansi District, Uttar Pradesh) with different socio-economic conditions.

Bengaluru as Sun City.

The though appears distant, somewhat baffling, but is actually do-able: if various discussions and suggestions materialise, Bengaluru could well be a showcase to the rest of the country as its solar city.


Power lines stretching across continents would allow us to ditch fossil fuels for good