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A Pretoria High Court judge has said in a ruling that hiv -infected pregnant women under

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In the recent discussion about reforming the international environmental governance structure, there have been calls for a World Environment Organisation

AIDS activists are suing the South African government for its failure to distribute an anti-HIV drugs that could save the lives of about 35,000 newborn babies each year. The lawsuit will be filed by

A marooned humpback whale was explo

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Several eyebrows have been raised over the Cipla offer to supply anti aids drugs at one third the current price to developing countries like South Africa. On March 7, 2001 Cipla Ltd of Mumbai, formally requested the South Afri

Male crocodiles of the Nile river could face extinction due to an invasive plant. The trifid weed has invaded the shoreline-nesting habitat for the crocodiles at Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, the