South Africa, Namibia and Angola have signed an agreement that enables them to utilise the marine and coastal resources of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (bclme), along Africa's

New antibiotic may work where others have failed

This report highlights the importance of social protection in the struggle against global poverty. Social protection aims to enhance the capacity of poor and vulnerable persons to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, sickness, disability and old age.

High levels of air pollution in Johannesburg in winters and the rising exhaust emissions on its roads has prompted the city to adopt stringent air-quality measures. Atmospheric scientist Margot

The prolonged shutdown of oil refineries in South Africa has sparked a critical shortage of fuel, stemming from a change to cleaner fuels like unleaded petrol and low-sulphur diesel. Many petrol

This publication takes a broad look at several dimensions of carbon trading. It analyses the problems arising from the emerging global carbon market pertaining to the environment, social justice and human rights, and investigates climate mitigation alternatives. It provides a short history of carbon trading and discusses a number of lessons learned. Nine case studies from different parts of the world provide examples of the outcomes -- on the ground -- of various carbon offset schemes.

John R Seager, research director, Human Sciences Research Council HSRC of South Africa, speaks to Atanu Sarkar on interdisciplinary aspects of public health

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bacco off the shelf: Thailand has taken a strong step against tobacco sales in the country. They ordered vendors in September to remove all cigarettes from display or risk a US $50,000 fine.

11,000 kilometres in 99 days