Cellphones are not just a public nuisance - they are also used by lookouts to warn criminals when the police are near. Now Deropa of Boksburg, South Africa, is patenting a transmitter that jams

Babies born in the Krugersdorp area could suffer severe lung damage or even die because of dust pollution from a nearby mine dump, says Vali Yousefi, spokesperson of National Department of

South Africa s racist regime was developing high tech gizmos to eliminate unsuspecting black activists

South Africa tries to bring cycads, plants that coexisted with the dinosaurs, back to life

south African dealers are negotiating import of Tata vehicles in s move that can give the Indian transport industry new inroads into Africa. South African dealers have shown particular interest in

Over 400 homes in south African villages now have electricity, and thousands more will be getting it soon, thanks to an old method that has been reworked by the African arm of a uk-based engineering

the human immuno-deficiency virus ( hiv) that causes aids , has caught most South Africans unawares. Much of central and east Africa has been invaded by the infection since the 1980s.

An elephant story, and that of family values gone haywire! Cow elephants in the Kruger National Park were introduced to contraceptive pills to cut down their population into small and happy

The number of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) cases is exploding in South Africa, according to Action TB, a research group funded by the British pharmaceuticals company Glaxo Wellcome. The

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