Elephants of the Kruger National Park are once again in the centre of a controversy. Recently, the park officials introduced contraception as an alternative to culling to control the exploding

IRATE South Africans are protesting the European Union (EU) ban on their ostrich meat and live birds following an outbreak of Congo fever. The EU ban came into effect after an abattoir worker

Scientists from the University of Pretoria in South Africa have developed a new, non-toxic, cryopreservant liquid that would make possible the preservation of organs at very low temperatures.

hiv -positive mothers double the risks of passing hiv to their babies through breast milk, suggests a controversial South African study. Breastfeeding is belie

Quelling fears about transmission of feline aids from lions to humans, a leading South African veterinarian, Dewald Keet has said that the disease which has infected 83 per cent of the lions in

Tuberculosis (tb) is affecting thousands of people in South Africa. Last year, nearly 140,000 people contracted the disease, according to World Health Organization ( who) and South African officials.

A new land reform law in the country aims to strike a balance between conservation and community development. The reforms seek to restore property taken from some 3.5 million South Africans

The conflict-ridden continent can still hope for peace. In a concerted effort to ban nuclear weapons in the continent, government leaders and ministers from all 53 African countries are set to

Nearly 100 caged baboons had the fright of their lives when the inundated Olifants river climbed under their cages at a remote reserve in northern South Africa recently. Rescue workers worked

South African townships that were earlier helpless in the face of pollution caused by human wastes, are now bucking up to the problem. Spirulina, offering a cheap algae based solution, has saved the day for them