Easy to administer oral diarrhoea vaccine tested in Bangladesh

The Indian government has sent the right signals before the World Summit on Sustainable Development (wssd) by approving the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. After the cabinet meeting which

Does tourism always have to be a threat to the environment? Not anymore, claim the promoters of the globally emerging industry of ecotourism. Socially responsible and ecologically sustainable tourism, which could at the same time be profitable for the com

In a move that is inviting the wrath of animal rights activists, South Africa is seeking permission to trade in white rhino horns. Under the Con

Sustainability still a long way off, says Worldwatch

A Pretoria High Court judge has said in a ruling that hiv -infected pregnant women under

South Africa has banned the use of thin plastic bags. And retailers

In the recent discussion about reforming the international environmental governance structure, there have been calls for a World Environment Organisation

AIDS activists are suing the South African government for its failure to distribute an anti-HIV drugs that could save the lives of about 35,000 newborn babies each year. The lawsuit will be filed by

A marooned humpback whale was explo