At a recently held wildlife meet in Cape Town, delegates draft an action plan to conserve migratory species of wild animals

saudi arabia has banned the import of beef from South Africa because of

About 100 of the world's remaining mountain gorillas have been killed as a result of the protracted civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, say conservationists. Poachers have slaughtered

Sosobala Mbatha, South Africa's most famous traditional healer, will share his knowledge of Zulu indigenous medicine with his counterparts in the us . Mbatha has been invited to New York by

About 5,000 protestors demonstrated outside a game merchant's ranch in South Africa, demanding the release of 14 baby elephants. The owner of these elephants had been reprimanded by the court last

Early exposure to mosquitoes may help develop resistance to malaria where chances of infection are high

The concept of joint implementation as a way to implement climate change mitigation projects in another country has been controversial ever since its inception. Developing countries have raised numerous issues at the project-specific technical level, and broader concerns having to do with equity and burden sharing.

For the first time, genetically-modified grain has been grown commercially in South Africa and will be sold in the market mixed with other grains, a leading seed-seller said.

The courts in South Africa sounded a stern warning to poachers when three men were each sentenced to 29 years in jail

The Endangered Species Protection Unit ( espu ) of South Africa ( sa ) has come under fire for accepting us $460, 000 from an overseas animal welfare organisation to conduct