Dented by the Congo rebellion, renewed fighting in Angola, failed privatisation plans in Zambia and slumping metal prices, mining investors are singing the blues. Long-term prospects are not so

Remains of asbestos mining industry are still polluting the rivers and air in South Africa

The latest furore in South Africa is over the Cloudy Creek or Rietspruit wetland on the south bank of the Vaal river. The Sasol Chemical Industries wants to strip mine the area for coal as

Twenty four black South African workers are planning to give evidence in London against three British companies, which they say poisoned them with asbestos and mercury. Reportedly, two workers have

South African President, Nelson Mandela, recently called upon the global community to act together to wipe out aids, which is wreaking havoc on nations all over the world. "As the freedom of each

Once consi

A wetland in the St Lucia estuary on the cast coast in KwaZUILI-Natal province was saved from devastation when the country's cabinet banned the development of a mineral sands project by

An us7owned vanadi'u'm mine in Vametco in tfie North West province seems to be doing a repeat of the Bhopal gas tragedy. Inhabitants of the villages of Mothutlung which has a population of

Home to a staggeringly abundant variety of flora and fauna, South Africa -- having emerged out of the shadow of apartheid -- is witnessing a resurgence of its tourism industry; the country has more

WHILE the international media remain preoccupied with the run-up to South Africa's multiracial elections in April this year, a fledgling and insufficiently reported movement is being egged on by