Producers get a boost coorg green cardamom, grown in southwest Karnataka, has received the geographical area indicator or GI status. This means only cardamom grown in Kodagu

The many faces of Himalayan herb bhangjeera Traditional medicine practitioners of eastern Asia know about this spice. People of Garhwal in Uttarakhand have many uses for the leaves and seeds of this plant grown in the upper reaches of Himalaya. But gourmets are yet to discover it. The aroma of bhangjeera chutney and bhangjeera tea fills the air as one travels through the hilly

Bhangjeera chutney Ingredients Bhangjeera seeds

Sumayyah Qureshi Posted: Mar 27, 2009 at 2234 hrs IST

Srinagar: A World Bank-funded project worth Rs 3 crore could give a new lease of life to saffron production in Jammu and Kashmir.

BAMRA: Bamra and its surrounding areas have craved a niche for themselves for cultivation of

Madikeri: India has exported spices worth Rs 4,500 crore this year, which is an all time record, said Spices Board Joint Director H S Srinivas.

The horticulture sector encompasses a wide range of crops, e.g., fruit crops, vegetable crops, potato and tuber crops, ornamental crops, medicinal and aromatic crops, spices and plantation crops. India, with its wide variability of climate and soil, is highly favourably placed for growing a large number of horticultural crops.

Large cardamom (Amomum subulatum) is a perennial cash crop grown under the Himalayan alder (Alnus nepalensis) or mix forest tree species in the hills of Nepal, Darjeeling hills, Sikkim and Bhutan. The cardamom based agroforestry system in the Himalayas has proved to be a sustainable land use practice at the landscape level supporting multiple functions and ecosystem services.

Shanmukha M. Dyamakkanavar is a progressive chilli farmer following organic cultivation methods. His knowledge is based on experience inherited from his father and the technical support from various agencies promoting organic cultivation. Here is his experience of growing Byadagi Chillies, popular in his area using organic cultivation methods.


Byadagi chilli is a famous chilli variety grown mainly in North Karnataka. Named after a town called Byadagi, large areas in Karnataka are growing this chilli variety.