Chennai: The level of respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) in ambient air at a traffic intersection in T.Nagar during the 24-hour period ending 6 a.m. on Saturday was 137 microgram/cubic metre.

The permissible limit for RSPM is 100 microgram/cubic metre.

Deepa H Ramakrishnan

CHENNAI: The level of total suspended particulate matter (TSPM) in the ambient air at a traffic intersection in Vallalar Nagar during the 24 hour period ending 6 a.m. on Tuesday was 248 microgram/cubic metre. The permissible limit is 200 microgram/cubic metre.

MUMBAI: In a bid to ensure that all healthcare units comply with the rules related to disposal of bio-medical waste, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has initiated action against 230 erring establishments. Of these, 100 have been served with closure notices, while the rest have been asked to comply with the norms within 15 days or face consequences (closure notice).


MM ISMANAGEM M ENT of biomed M ical wastes in and around the hospitals in Kashmir valley continues to add to the pollution levels thereby creating problems for both the patients in the hospitals and people at large.

LUCKNOW: At least 500 buses plying in Lucknow are awaiting CNG conversion. Close to 30,000 kg of CNG is left un-used everyday. Going by the fact that a single bus runs on 60 kg of CNG, 30,000 kg is sufficient to run 500 buses everyday.

Ludhiana One and a half years ago, he was ridiculed for proposing the revival of the common effluent treatment plant (CETP) in Focal Point.

Deepa H Ramakrishnan

According to a survey conducted by TNPCB

NOISY: Motor vehicles significantly contribute to noise pollution levels. A scene in Velachery.

CHENNAI: Noise pollution levels in residential areas across the city are considerably higher than the prescribed limits, as per a survey conducted by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

R. Vimal Kumar

For a clean city: A scientific team constituted by Kongunadu Munnetra Peravai in Tirupur to study the problems of effluent discharge.

Tirupur: A technical committee constituted by the newly-formed political party Kongunadu Munnetra Peravai to study effluent water management in Tirupur, has come out with its report on Monday.

A sample study of the water collected by the Karnataka Pollution Control Board (KPCB) at the Mallathalli Lake on Saturday has revealed low Dissolved Oxygen levels (DO).
Out of the four samples collected by KPCB at different corners of the lake, where a lakh fish had died, two samples were found to contain 2.5- 2.8 milligrams of DO, which is unsuitable for the fish to survive.