As the monsoon retreats and the flood waters recede, the flood bank and bed of the River Dikrong in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh becomes a humming ground of the human activities. Temporary labour tents or huts, crusher machines, movement of trucks and other vehicles all along the length and breadth become the state of affairs in the river.

Life evolved when the ocean nickel levels dropped evolution of life was preceded by a great rise in the atmospheric oxygen levels. There are a couple of theories as to what triggered that rise. While both

Sangeetha Neeraja

THE life of a quarry worker is hardly an enviable one, consisting, as it does, of hours of hard grinding labour under the scorching sun. And the election season has only made things worse for them.

Yamunanagar: People of the state are likely to face a shortage of sand, grit and stones for the next two months as the district administration has ordered the closure of mining in Yamuna and seasonal rivulets and work at 250 stone crushers has also come to a halt in the district.


During the Supreme Court (SC) hearing on 18th of March, the court appointed Central Empowered Committee brought in notice of the apex court the condition of Badkhal lake. When counsel A D N Rao showed the satellite images of the lake to the justice Bench, then they were worried and commented that the lake bed is now suitable only for playing cricket.


The Pakistani Taliban have taken control of mines producing precious lapis lazuli stones in the insurgency-hit Swat valley and started operating them on their own.

The Taliban have confirmed that they took control of the mines two months ago when they arrived in the hilly area of Fiza Ghat, a resort on the outskirts of Mingora, the main city in Swat valley.

This report provides an overall view of Stone Crushers operating in India to develop the National Environmental Standards, to provide cleaner technologies and to specify Guidelines / Code of Practice for Pollution Prevention & Control.

This analysis uses input-output analysis to examine the economic
contributions of U.S. mining in terms of output, employment, payroll, personal income and payroll taxes. For the purpose of this analysis, the U.S. mining includes the mining of coal, uranium, metal ores, stone quarrying, sand and gravel and other nonmetallic minerals. It excludes oil and natural gas extraction.

In India, mining is one of the main economic activities since time immemorial, giving rise to a long historical tradition of artisanal mining. As modern mining rose during the colonial occupation, artisanal mining activities began to be overlooked and this great tradition became obscure.