The Met Department isn't declaring a heatwave yet but unconfirmed reports say 28 people have died in the state Unofficial reports say 28 people have died of a heatwave in Orissa this April while the government has confirmed four deaths due to sunstroke. The numbers may be contested but it is clear that the heat is creating havoc. While a heatwave is declared when the temperature is five degrees above normal, the state Met department's advisory declared a "heatwave' only on one day this month.

Angered by government support for the POSCO steel plant, hundreds of protestors stormed police barricades in Orissa's Dhinkia. An eye-witness account by MANSHI ASHER APRIL 1, 2008. We are at Patna, a small village in Dhinkia panchayat of Ersama block in the East Coast of Orissa. Now referred to as

Scientists have discovered a new species of limbless lizard from Orissa's Khandadhar hills. "This 19-cm-long lizard looks like a scaly, small snake,' says Sushil Kumar Dutta, a zoologist from the

The iniquitous development agenda pursued by successive governments at the centre and the state has rendered several tribal groups in Orissa, who reside in some of the poorer, more inaccessible districts of the state, largely marginal to the governance process.

The Orissa government has threatened it will not support the Union power ministry

State-owned National Aluminium Company (Nalco) has chalked out plans to enter the power business through the special purpose vehicle (SPV) route. The company plans to produce over 2,000 Mw by 2016.

Once equity investment in its power business starts, Nalco will hive off the business into an SPV named Nalco Power or Nalco Energy.

Sundernagar: In the absence of any clear-cut policy thousands of water bodies in the hill state are either highly polluted or losing its character.

The lack of awareness on the subject is further proving fatal, as it has been observed that at village-level water bodies are being destroyed, as residents consider them as unproductive and fill it with debris.