China is reviewing a plan to invest more than 2 trillion yuan ($321 billion) to curb water pollution, China Business News reported.

High levels of antibiotics are polluting China's surface water, posing risks to the ecosystem and human health, a recent review of research has found.

Water quality monitoring is one of the important function of State Pollution Control Board. It helps in evaluating the nature & extent of water contamination, assess the water quality trends, evaluate the success of pollution control measures taken & prioritization of efforts to be initiated.

The Asian development Bank (ADB) will provide $ 250 million to Bangladesh for ‘Dhaka Environmentally Sustainable Water Supply’ to increase supply of surface water in the capital, reports UNB.

This report is a compilation of data gathered from Central Ground Water Board and various participating organizations in Punjab to highlight the prevailing status of water quality and identify the challenges along with possible remedial measures.

Adverse impact of climate change has been posing a serious threat to indigenous fish species, particularly the small ones, as most of the water bodies are now dying in the region especially in its

The Noyyal sub-basin, which is 3510 sq km in area, is part of the Cauvery basin that lies in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a rapidly urbanizing sub-basin that includes the Class I cities of Coimbatore and Tiruppur as well as 84 smaller urban settlements.

Studies and investigations taken up by the Central Groundwater Board and other agencies have helped generate a vast amount of data in a comprehensive manner which has been collated to provide a glimpse of ground water scenario of the Himalayan regions.

The Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority has taken a plan to manage 70 per cent of its supply water from the surface sources by 2021.

'DWASA had already started work on a plan to capture surface water for re-distribution' says A Khan