traffic accidents: Every year, over 500,000 people die in road accidents in the world; 70 per cent of these fatalities occur in developing nations, where the traffic victims are usually

Some of the environmental impacts of automobile manufacture

THE World Bank's (wB) staff have recently prepared a report -Mainstreaming the environment -docu- menting the progress made by the Bank in its effort to emerge as an active partner in implementing

Reduction of poverty remains one of the foremost global challenges. An estimated 1.3 billion persons in the developing world will live in. absolute poverty by the turn of the century. While the

ARE flowers no longer pure symbols of beauty or spirituality? The facts revealed in the book, though preliminary, present a sad story of the flower export industry in the Third World

Friends of the Earth - Europe's 'Sustainable Europe Campaign', launched in November 199j, entered its second phase recently. The campaign aims at enhancing the development and diffusion of

European environmentalists tackle Third World concerns of irresponsible overconsumption by northern countries

Environment space per person to combat unbalanced resource use

Green philosophy has suddenly come under strong criticism from those ruled by economic logic, so much so that in the first few months, books lambasting environmentalism and debunking their theories

Western institutions and the United Nations are keen protagonists of natural resource accounting but it may still not be a useful policy tool for planners to promote sustainable development. Experience in the Philippines has shown that only an elaborate c