Residents of Raniwala village turn superstitious

As per the state government health department, around 8 people have died in Maharashtra due to swine flu in January this year.

The virus H1N1 has not changed its strain in Rajasthan and tamiflu medicine is quite effective for its treatment in the state, officials from National Institute of Virology, (NIV), Pune confirmed.

The latest IDSP (Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme), a report by the Health Ministry has revealed that the number of swine flu cases in the first three weeks of 2019 in some North Indian st

MEERUT: The health department issued an advisory to be more vigilant as the number of swine flu cases crossed 60 on Wednesday.

Over 2,500 people tested positive and at least 77 deaths were reported due to swine flu across the country this year till Thursday, with Rajasthan accounting for nearly 60 per cent of the cases.

District Health Department providing Tamiflu tablets for free at civil hospital

Dehradun: A 41-year-old man from Mothrowala, Clement Town succumbed to the swine flu virus in the Mahant Indiresh hospital on Thursday.

The Gujarat government announced on Wednesday that 397 cases of swine flu had been reported in the state in the month of January so far, while eight persons lost their lives.

Amid scare of swine flu, health department has reached out to 83.2 lakh people across the state for conducting their screening for swine flu in three days of its massive door-to-door campaign launc