Developed countries - US, Japan, Australia and others - have stalled negotiations on transfer of technology from rich to the poor nations in an attempt to throw the issue out of the new global regi

A week ahead of the Doha round of United Nations sponsored negotiations on climate change, the BASIC countries-—Brazil, South Africa, India and China—met in Beijing to chalk out their strategy.

Developing countries are experiencing unprecedented levels of economic growth. As a result, they will be responsible for most of the future growth in energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. The development, transfer and use of renewable energy technologies are promising ways towards low-carbon development in these countries.

United Nations Climate Change Secretariat has analysed aspects of CDM project activities and reported on the levels and types of benefits the CDM has provided.

The establishment of the Clean Development Mechanism has been one of the successes of the Kyoto Protocol. It has helped to build experience, capacity and comfort with the use of market mechanisms to reduce emissions. This will be useful when implementing future market mechanisms.

SHILLONG, Oct 18: Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma on Thursday welcomed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail and mining, despite opposition from several civil society groups.

This report sets out the final recommendations of the Panel for the role, design, and operations of the CDM.

Human stress on the environment has long been debated and different views about the human drivers of greenhouse-gas emissions have emerged. Now research synthesizes the debate by looking at empirical evidence and offers new insights on the role of human population, affluence, urbanization, trade, culture and institutions on greenhouse-gas emissions trends.

The objective of this report is to provide an independent assessment of the impact of the CDM across a broad range of metrics and possible effects.

The Earth Summit was a historical opportunity to set the world on the correct development trajectory. Negotiators from 191 countries came together to chart a road map for sustainable development and poverty eradication. The theme was green economy. But developed and developing countries refused to bury their differences. Developed countries were not ready to let go of their extravagant lifestyle, while developing countries were expected to take on green commitments. The countries could not even reach a consensus on the definition of green economy.