A new class of materials could make for quicker telecommunication

Optic fibres enable transmission of information at the speed of light and without any interference

Fibre optics technology is set to transform the field of telecommunications

Codan, an Australian company, has developed a device that can revolutionise the quality of FAX communication even in remote areas and under extreme weather conditions. Unlike present FAX machines,

The billion dollar Star Wars programme lies abandoned, but the technology will now be used to combat asteroids

India seems ready to cash in on electronic mail, a cheap and fast way of communication in which messages are exchanged through computer networks.

Cables as messengers of information between computers are on their way out. A cableless computer network called WaveLAN, in which each computer is provided with an antenna that picks up data in the

Computers are poised to make it possible for people to speak to each other in their own languages.

New evidence has emerged for the existence of dark matter -- an invisible constituent of the universe that is believed to play a key role in the formation of galaxies.

The failure of the Big Bang theory to explain the early history of the universe resulted in the development of the inflationary theory, but this one has important implications for the search for dark matter.