partnership for Clean Indoor Air (pcia) is inviting partners in India to help implement measures to reduce indoor air pollution. This will help almost 90 per cent of India's biomass-based fuel

From atop the 13,600-ft high windswept crest of a steep, serrated ridge, the Samudra Tapu glacier is a giant blanket of ice and snow, covering the bowl-shaped valley between jagged Himalayan peaks

Organisations are not looking for
solutions to the air pollution problem,
they are looking for problems in the
CNG solution

Create an environment fund, say participants at a recently held conference

This time round, US secretary of energy Hazel O'Leary's visit to India was a successful business trip

Indian markets may soon be flooded with high yielding hybrid seeds of mustard and rapeseed

India has prepared a detailed plan to phase out chemicals that destroy the ozone layer, but its implementation is subject to aid from the Multilateral Fund

Indian scientists have developed a process to manufacture an ozone friendly substitute for CFC 12

The Tata Energy Research Institute's report on fuel consumption trends calls for a clear energy policy to prevent India from being trapped in an oil intensive development patttern. It says unless renewable energy sources are tapped and conservation effort

It does not matter whether the assumptions made by the Tata Energy Research Institute are accurate or whether they will hold true. What matters is that TERI"s predictions of the country"s energy