The purpose of this article is to describe and evaluate the ecotourism project at the Periyar Tiger Reserve (Thekkady), in Kerala, India. The Ministry of Environment has undertaken to promote local community participation in forest management, through the

Forest fires, tribal discontent in Melghat Tiger reserve

Vanishing from Panna Reserve, too

In September 2004, a group of students from the Wildlife Institute of India (wii), Dehradun, went to the Sariska Tiger Reserve of Rajasthan for training. Excited about their work, they painstakingly trekked through the hilly 866 square kilometres (sq km) reserve. They couldn't spot a single tiger. Alarmed, they informed A J T Johnsingh, dean, department of animal ecology and conservation biology, wii.

This book is first of its kind to embody subjects like wildlife conservation and management, ethical, ecological and recreational importance of wildlife, endangered flora and fauna of India

The Tiger Task Force was set up because of a crisis

ANJOLI BANDYOPADHYAY visits Pench Tiger Reserve, the site of many a conservation scheme and finds the woes wrought upon the people there by ecodevelopment

The Ministry of of Environment and Forests had been bringing out forest statistics based on the data received from the States/UTs. Efforts have been made in the Ministry in obtaining and compiling the data from the States/UTs on important parameters relating to forestry and wildlife and bringing it out in the form of a compilation "Forests and wildlife statistics, India 2004".

Tiger reserve security in Karnataka

Human survival-biodiversity conservation interdependence is globally recognized and scientifically established.