Inhabitants of the Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) in Rajasthan are to be moved once again. The STR authorities have decided to relocate 20 villages inside the sanctuary to sites outside it because, they

So elated were Rajasthan's protectors of the wild with the just-concluded 1993 tiger census at the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR), they went to town with the results -- and painted themselves into

Modern hi tech methods notwithstanding, the traditional technique of counting tigers from pugmarks remains the most efficient.

A Supreme Court order demanding immediate closure of about 250 mines in and around the Sariska Tiger Reserve has evoked little response from the Rajasthan government.

Respecting the territorial rights of crocodiles will help reduce the chances of conflict between the interests of humans and reptiles.

All in all project tiger faces a new set of serious problems. Project tiger saved the tiger from extinction in the nick of time but over 20 years it is clear that expanding human populations, a new way of life based on alien models, and the resultant effect on natural resources has created fresh problems that indicate danger for the tiger. Militancy and poaching only add fuel to the fire. This is a serious and critical moment in the history of tiger conservation.

THERE can be no sharper indictment of the government's attempts to protect the environment than this: After 20 years of spending money and effort, Project Tiger is in shambles. Experts say the fate

The one-man inquiry commission appointed to investigate reports of poaching in the Ranthambhore tiger reserve has turned out to be a sham, say conservationists. The report has indicted the park's

Against the backdrop of the increasing popularity of ecotourism and the dramatic loss of tigers due to lack of funding, mismanagement, population and development pressures as well as poaching, this article finds that the present policies benefit neither conservation nor local communities.