In East Africa,meat and tusk are livelihood for many. In this milieu, Lewa, Kenya shows how community involvement aids conservation

2005 was definitely the year of the Indian tiger. The year began with the tragic news of this magnificent animal s disappearance from the Sariska tiger reserve, a protected space. This news became,

Think tourism in India and the first images that will flash through your mind is the Taj Mahal and the Indian tiger. Tigers, and the protected areas created for their conservation, are the dominant motif of the picture postcard from favourite holiday de

Who will join the dots and make it possible?

She has never seen a tiger : this is how some conservationists questioned my credentials to chair the tiger task force when it was set up three months ago. It did not surprise me. Cola, pesticide or

This first of three Down To Earth analyses of tiger reserves finds Melghat in Maharashtra in a legal mess

Villages in the sanctuary

Conservation cannot ignore pastoral rights

From one of India's foremost reserves, right under the gaze of an establishment meant exclusively to protect the tiger, the big cat has gone missing. But this disappearance is rather unsurprising.

Maharashtra offers new insights into wildlife management