This report builds on the initiatives of the Asia Forest Partnership and East Asia and Pacific FLEG to promote cooperation among Customs, Forestry and other authorities to reduce the trade of illegal wood products.

Illegal logging is having a devastating impact on some of the world's most valuable remaining forests. It has been well established that global paper consumption has increased by twenty times in the last century, and has more than tripled over the past 30 years.

Projects in Madagascar could provide a model for stemming deforestation. But first these efforts must deal with the poverty and political upheaval that threaten forests, reports Anjali Nayar.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has on September 4 rectified its judgment on forest area, ending the confusion over land use. Disposing of a civil writ petition presented before it, the High Court on May 15 had declared the entire state area notified under Sections 4 and 5 of the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) 1900, as forest land.

Shillong: The central executive committee of Garo Students' Union has apprised the Divisional Forest Officer (Territorial), West Garo Hills of the urgent need to enforce strict measures to stop illegal felling of tress and smuggling of timber in the State, particularly in Garo Hills.

The Department of Forest is apparently depleting the Madhupur Sal Forest through implementation of different donor-funded afforestation projects, which mainly plant exotic trees of commercial value.

The future of the Kalimpong division of the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation and its 430 employees are at stake

BHUBANESWAR: Timber mafias and poachers were out to plunder forest resources in absence of surveillance teams in the aftermath of naxal attack on government establishments in famous Similipal Biosphere Reserve (SBR) in Mayurbhanj district.

SHILLONG: The Congress-led KHADC Executive Committee (EC) has set up an independent inquiry committee (IAC), headed by the Council Court Additional Judge S Kharsyiemlieh, to investigate the reported involvement of its senior employees in smuggling of timber from the forest areas under the jurisdiction of the Council.

KOCHI: After ivory, ganja and sandalwood, the smugglers are now madly after King Cobra and other venomous snakes in the forests as 10 ml venom of a King Cobra would fetch crores of rupees in the international black market.

The smuggling of snake venom had come to light after the recent seizure of 200 ml of King Cobra venom at Kanjikode, near Palakkad.