In a bid to end illegal import of wood, customs and forest officials in Thailand will work together to monitor log movements. They will supervise import and transport of logs and will identify

While the Union government has finally permitted Tamil Nadu to export sandalwood, State monopoly of the trade is yet to be abolished

palamu Tiger Reserve in the Daltanganj district of Bihar has lately become haven for smugglers trading in precious teak ( sagwan ) trees. On an average, trees worth Rs 30 lakh are felled

How do you destroy a forest? Cover it under Project Tiger and alienate the local people. An example from Bihar

political and military leaders from Cambodia and Vietnam are involved in large-scale illegal logging, according to an environmental group in Britain. If the government policies are not changed,

The Brazilian government is opening its timber reserves in the Amazon rain forest to commercial loggers. Unable to stop the rampant illegal logging, Brazil hopes to combine economic potential with

a high-level committee formed by the Lok Ayukta of Madhya Pradesh, began probing the felling of Malik Makbooja trees in Bastar district in early May, said state government sources. The move

a recent report of the us state department has turned a blind eye to the illegal timber trade across the border of Thailand and Cambodia. In order to preserve its cordial relations with

Woodcutters operating in the Apyterewa indigenous area in the Para state are luring local Parakana Indians into facilitating smuggling mahogany. Carlos Fausto, an expert from the National Museum of

Of late, the public and the private sectors saw a great deal of activism by the Supreme Court (SC) and high courts (HC).