the forests in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh may soon be turned into a graveyard of stumps if immediate steps are not taken to contain the illegal felling of trees. It has come to the notice

Parents in the Paonta valley villages (Himachal Pradesh), are loaded with worries about the ways of their children, as parents anywhere are wont to do. The kids have apparently become willing

Sandalwood smuggling, epitomised by Veerappan, has become a collective phenomenon involving entire villages, which even the ban on sandalwood exports has been unable to curb. Deregulation of the sandal tree, currently under state control, is now being deb

In a chilling reminder of his prowess as an outlaw, sandalwood smuggler and poacher Veerappan and his gang exploded an electronic landmine, which destroyed a van carrying members of a task force

SANDALWOOD smuggling is raising quite a stink in Karnataka, where poacher-smuggler Veerappan has reportedly recruited three retired army personnel and a former BSF jawan to train other gang members

THE ELUSIVE sandalwood smuggler Veerappan has dealt another blow. Last month, he lured Mysore superintendent of police T Harikrishna and his men into a trap and mercilessly killed him and five

NEARLY eight weeks after the March 14 fire that damaged a portion of the Nagarhole National Park and Reserve Forest -Asia's largest deciduous forest - the debate is on as to what happened on that

Opposition members in the Assembly today alleged apathetic attitude of the State Government towards protecting forest and wildlife.

That’s what Tripura’s tribals get for a resource that is theirs

Kashmir’s dying lakes are choking their dependants