Militancy s most distressing casualties

Arouse people s interest in governance

Time was, when the Saranda forest cover was so dense that even the sun s rays couldn t penetrate it. Ironically, denudation has driven the region from darkness unto light. And tribal communities are being made the scapegoats

The Sup

What is needed is to undertake liberalisation from the point of view of the poor. This is the message of Dewas

The Brazilian government has launched a campaign to monitor illegal logging and fires that are destroying the Amazonian rainforests. The govern

to check timber smuggling in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government has launched a drive to retrieve forest area in the state. M Ramzan, the state environment and forest minister, has said that

Restrictions on jhum cultivation, large scale immigration and timber smuggling have made Tripura an environmentally poor state

Large scale smuggling of timber from Nepal to Tibet threatens the pristine forests in the northern Himalaya

Over 2,500 hectares (ha) of forests in Kerala have been destroyed by fires this summer. Fires are reported to have destroyed extensive acreage in several of the 14 sanctuaries and national parks