US tobacco giant Philip Morris will have to cough up US $10.1 billion for providing wrong information about its "light' cigarettes. A court in the state of Illinois ruled that consumers had been

The European court of first instance in Luxembourg recently refused to shield three of the world's largest tobacco companies from legal action linked to cigarette smuggling. The move was initiated

Even small doses of paan masala, which mimics the taste of betel nut and leaf, taken for a long time can cause cancer, confirmed a team of researchers at the National Institute of Occupational Health

seldom do public office holders write memoirs which are inspiring without lauding their own heroics. In a rare inspiring book, A Question of Intent , David Kessler narrates the story of his seven

Tobacco major Philip Morris unveils its new death policy

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Bush makes move to protect the tobacco industry

Nicotine has potential to cure tuberculosis, which is caused by a bacte to make the enemy s enemy their friends

With falling sales, lawsuits and stringent measures in developed countries, tobacco companies have shifted their focus to developing countries. In 1998, tobacco firms spent US $10 billion in