Tobacco companies and the US states reach an agreement

UK tobacco companies will challenge a government report suggesting a ban on tobacco advertising

If the first class action suit against tobacco companies in Florida is successful, the US tobacco industry is in trouble

The health ministry is in a dilemma on whether to impose a ban on chewing tobacco products

In an age of global competition, small tobacco companies have been swallowed by conglomerates. The remaining decide the prices among themselves, and punish growers who decide to sell elsewhere.

Multinational toba-cco companies faced with shrinking markets and increasing restrictions in the industrialised world, are wooing consumers throughout the newly-opened econo-mies of Loas, Cam-bodia,

Tobacco companies will foot the medical bills of smokers who have cancer under an agreement with the US state of Florida. This spells bad times for the tobacco industry as the Clinton administration wants more in a national agreement

A NEW anti-tobacco strategy by the Canadian government involves a series of tough measures. Hiking tobacco taxes, extending a surtax on tobacco manufacturers' profits and banning tobacco

Even as cigarette companies are facing strict regulations, other tobacco products seem to have a free run. The Rajasthan High Court recently issued show cause notices to the central government,

A presidential announcement has probably dealt the American tobacco industry its biggest blow till date: in a declaration aimed at providing some long-term relief to the millions reeling from