Streets will get cleaner and be free of stench due to open urination in Secunderabad Cantonment limits soon as the defence ministry has approved a financial sanction for construction of modern public toilets in the area. The project, estimated to cost over Rs 60 lakh, will have private investment and will generate funds via advertisements. In the first phase, 20 modern pay-and-use public conveniences would be constructed on Built, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.

IIT Kanpur develops zero-waste toilets that reuse flushed water and recycle waste.
IIT Kanpur develops zero-waste toilets that reuse flushed water and recycle waste

santiago sierra's artwork, currently showing at Lisson Gallery in London, can safely be called revolutionary. Exhibits consisting of rectangular solid blocks neatly organized on the gallery floor

Globally, 2.6 billion people lack access to safe and clean toilets. For example, 92 per cent of the population in Afghanistan don't have proper sanitation; 67 per cent in India as well. A

Three rooms of London's Lisson Gallery are currently home to 21 blocks of recycled human waste.&nbsp I walk in between them, passing my fingers over the surface of one, round the corner of

new York City is geared up for its first 20 public toilets. The self-washing and wheelchair-accessible toilets are expected to come up in December 2007 at Madison Square Park, Manhattan. It will

Thirty houses in Mosrahalla village in Karnataka's Mysore district have been using dry toilets for a year. "This is a water-scarce area and installing dry toilets was the only way out,' says S Vishwanath, who was part of an advisory team to TSC.

A requirement for separating urine is an appropriate toilet (where men also have to sit to urinate) or a dry urinal, both of which are commercially available. The urine-separating toilet appears similar to a conventional toilet, but the bowl is separated into two sections by a central wall. The front bowl is intended for collecting urine, the rear bowl for collecting solid waste. Each bowl can be flushed independently. The toilet also reduces the amount of water needed for flushing. The urine is collected in tanks and periodically transported to a special purification installation.