The number of fatalities in road accidents has risen 12.2% since 2009. According to the Maharashtra police statistics, at least 35 people die in road accidents across the state every day.

In a finding that will surprise practically no one, a recent report — from Christopher E Ferrell at the Mineta Transportation Institute — has found that public transit systems in the US provide ver

Cities Safer by Design is a global reference guide to help cities save lives from traffic fatalities through improved street design and smart urban development. Over 1.2 million people die in traffic crashes globally, mostly pedestrians, and that number is growing every year.

Its 2012 Study Concluded BRT Led To Increase In Travel Time & Frequency Of Accidents

The Akhilesh government has landed itself in another controversy by issuing a directive to all district magistrates and chairpersons of the district road safety committees to impose a strict ban on

Between 2011 and 2013, road accidents injured 20,706 people and killed 5,796 more in Delhi, according to government data.

Judgement of the Madras High Court in the matter of R. Mallika & Others Vs A.Babu dated 08/06/2015 regarding lives lost due to non-wearing of protective headgear, namely, helmet, as mandated under Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles, Act, 1988.

Almost 630 people have been killed so far in fatal accidents in the national capital this year.

Experimental studies have shown a decrease in driving performance at high temperatures. The epidemiological evidence on the relationship between heat and motor vehicle crashes is not consistent. The objective of the study was to estimate the impact of high ambient temperatures on the daily number of motor vehicle crashes and, in particular, on crashes involving driver performance factors (namely distractions, driver error, fatigue or sleepiness).

On June 3, last year, Delhi woke up to the news of Gopinath Munde, Union Rural Development Minister, who was declared dead at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.