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Administrative Reforms

Environment officials in Massachusetts, usa, are considering whether to let four gas-powered plants to switch to dirtier oil, 50 per cent more often, this winter. The state is focusing on these

This last fortnight, after two disparate experiences, I came to realise there is not much difference between colas and cars. Let me explain how. A year ago, we released a study on the cocktail

As overstaffed transport corporations make losses, the government says privatise

Transport ministry wants early review of National Auto Fuel Policy to highlight obstacles

What should be the price of natural gas in India? Till now, gas was pumped by the public sector company, the Oil and Natural Gas Commission and piped and sold by another public sector concern, the

How access could change Nepali villages forever

Please give me a ropeway, I don t need a road

Last fortnight, I wrote about my visit to a governance graveyard called the Union ministry of environment and forests. I also promised to pen a few more thoughts on the subject. Given that the

This is a unique year for India s environmental movement. It marks the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy. It is also the 30th anniversary of the Chipko movement: women of the Himalaya hugged