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This paper describes ways to improve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) transportation and parking credits. Typical LEED programs reduce building energy consumption 20-60%. Cost effective mobility and parking management programs often provide similar motor vehicle trip and parking generation reductions, resulting in large economic, social and environmental benefits. However, the current LEED rating system overlooks some of the most effective mobility and parking management strategies.

Much to the worry of environmentalists, India is on the way to becoming the third largest carbon emitter by 2015. But there is some good news, too. Indian and Brazilian consumers are the most eco-friendly in the world, says a recent study.

The India Infrastructure Report 2008 discusses: competitive bidding models for infrastructure projects and critical factors required for a minimum subsidy model to succeed; models on auction bidding for rural infrastructure, e-governance, and multi-channel delivery mechanism; tolling and payment mechanism models for roads, railways, and airports; models for public service financing and affordable

The production of clean energy for transportation makes demands on resources that are already scarce. Biofuels can contribute to a solution, but only to a limited extent. (Editorial)

Among the great cities of the world, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal and the home of nearly 15 million people, is often mentioned as the only one that still has a large fleet of hand-pulled rickshaws. April 2008

Work on the ambitious Rs 1,700 crore Rohtang tunnel project linking Lahaul Valley with the key tourist resort of Manali by an all weather road would commence soon, Himachal Works (PW) Minister Gulab S

The Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transport Authority (BMLTA), constituted by the State government under the framework of National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP), has accorded approval to the Comprehensi