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A World Bank backed project to improve railway efficiency in India means new homes for thousands living on tracks and platforms. It is India's biggest urban resettlement project. The resettlement is

It's not a plane, it's not a train, it's not a bus. It's abit of all three and some more. The Konkan Railway Corporation Limited has drawn up a plan to bring the "Sky Bus Metro" (SBM) to Indian

As cars keep off the street following a French call for European car free day, air quality in some cities shows improvement

Mumbai to get aerial buses: The Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd proposes to set up a Sky Bus Metro system, based on the concept of sky wheels, as an alternate to the transport facilities in Mumabi and

Weather conditions to disrupt transport systems throughout the world

Replace old diesel vehicles, proposes a Japanese study

The European Commission is expected to adopt proposals that would introduce competition into the public transport systems of European Union member states. But it is likely to agree exemptions for big

The Centre has set up a committee under the chairmanship of the secretary, heavy industries and public enterprises, to formulate an automobile

In order to complete the first phase of the Metro Project by March 2005, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited has reduced its implementation time from 10 years to seven

To tackle the killer disease ravaging South Africa, the government s health policy will have to undergo a drastic change