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• Rail, as a medium of transport, is often much more energy-efficient and less polluting per tonne- or passenger-km than automobiles. • It can almost always expand its capacity with

With the multiplying numbers of vehicles on European roads, sustainability in road transportation has become the keyword. Participants at the recent annual conference of the Royal Geographical

traffic accidents: Every year, over 500,000 people die in road accidents in the world; 70 per cent of these fatalities occur in developing nations, where the traffic victims are usually

Some of the environmental impacts of automobile manufacture

National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Langley Research Centre and Accurate Automation of Tennessee, US are designing a 23-foot-long subsonic flyer model of a Mach 5

THE World Commission on Environmental Development, 1987, gave way to the famous Brundtland Commission Report titled Our Common Future. This report, for the first time, made 'sustainability' a

The next time you see a spoilt brat, do not blame his parents. It could be just because of some extra lead in his bones

Centrifugal oil cleaners, develOP4 by Britain's Glacier Filter Prodaft company, would soon oust tzvd9W tional paper oil filters in cam HE% production vehicles introduction them from

GRUESOME highway accidents are so common in India that they are routinely relegated to the inside pages of newspapers. But the month of March took, as it were, the cake (see pages 18-19): in the

ANIMAL drawn carts are an integral part of rural India. If you compare weight and distance ratio within a village, bullock carts are perhaps the most efficient modes of transport. No study, however,