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GRUESOME highway accidents are so common in India that they are routinely relegated to the inside pages of newspapers. But the month of March took, as it were, the cake (see pages 18-19): in the

ANIMAL drawn carts are an integral part of rural India. If you compare weight and distance ratio within a village, bullock carts are perhaps the most efficient modes of transport. No study, however,

The high-speed trams (HST) project, a pet scheme of the Delhi government and the Union ministry of surface transport, is yet to obtain the mandatory sanction from the Delhi Urban Arts Commission

CARS have become the most prominent roadsign on the Indian economy's journey up the rocky road of economic liberalisation. The protagonists of these policies routinely iterate, along with other

The Union ministry of surface transport is hardselling trams as the answer to the terrible traffic snarls in Indian cities

TO BEGIN with a literary conceit: by the time the 'bicycle' came into existence and took 5 decades to establish itself in the lexicon of the late 20th century fashion of urban nomadism, history had

As India goes into economic overdrive, the urban explosion and its attendant traffic nightmares cry out for a radical alternative. DERK J VAN DER LAAN presents the case for the cheap and ecofriendly bicycle

The bicycle is going places in the Netherlands as the Dutch pedal hard towards a clean option

No other country in the world puts its bicycles to as many uses as does India. This is original bike country

* PATENT wars are heating up. British drug manufacturer Glaxo has won one patents case against a Canadian manufacturer, but faces a second against another. Both claim Glaxo's products -- stable and