Many suspend paddy sowing, dig up new borewells for irrigation

BERHAMPUR: The claims of the Central and State Governments notwithstanding, safe drinking water remains a distant dream for many in Ganjam district.

High arsenic concentrations in groundwater in different states of India have become a major cause of concern in recent years. The groundwater in the past was considered to be safe for drinking purposes, but now it is recognized that many shallow tube wells contain arsenic at concentrations higher than the safe limit set for drinking purpose by WHO (1993). It is becoming an emerging issue in the water supply and health related sectors of India.

JAIPUR: The mystery over the existence of Saraswati river, it seems, may soon be solved.

Water application systems under wells extracting groundwater are one of the major factors influencing climate change in the agricultural sector. In the context of growing demand for adaption of pressurized irrigation with electric pumps in South Central India, the present study was undertaken to assess the carbon dioxide emission (CO2 e) for different irrigation systems.

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Acute drinking water scarcity rages on in different parts of Haldwani city and its adjacent areas with the officials concerned remaining laggard.

Puri: Out of total 8,145 existing tube wells in Puri, water of as many as 2,168 have been tested contaminated. The tests were done in the wake of the jaundice outbreak in the town.

DHAKA : Although chlorine is widely used for making water safe and clean, an icddr,b study suggests that safe storage and handling practices are sufficient for reducing tube-well water contaminatio

There are a number of notifications and orders on rainwater harvesting but few of them have been implemented.

A week after a two-and-a-half-year- old boy died after falling into a 350-foot deep borewell near Arcot in Vellore district, a Public Interest Litigation has been filed in the Madras High Court see