A relative slowdown in new wind turbine construction in China was offset by increases in the US, Germany, India and the UK

The location of a wind turbine is critical to its power output, which is strongly affected by the local wind field. Turbine operators typically seek locations with the best wind at the lowest level above ground since turbine height affects installation costs. In many urban applications, such as small-scale turbines owned by local communities or organizations, turbine placement is challenging because of limited available space and because the turbine often must be added without removing existing infrastructure, including buildings and trees.

By exerting a drag on the atmosphere, wind turbines convert a fraction of the atmosphere's kinetic energy to electrical energy. To find the point of diminishing returns, a new study adds so much drag to a simulated atmosphere that the winds slow to a crawl.

Disputes over intellectual property rights can delay the spread of clean technologies to the developing world, but they are not wholly to blame.

The number of wind turbines built in European waters is lagging behind targets by nearly 1,000 megawatts (MW), the equivalent of around 330 turbines, an industry report showed on Sunday.

Clean energy investment slid 11 per cent last year after governments in industrial nations slashed subsidies for technologies ranging from wind turbines to solar power and biomass.

Technology giants Apple and Google have both announced investments in renewable energy projects, focusing largely on wind energy.

The study undertook a Geographical Information System (GIS) based assessment of the availability of wind resource, land, and transmission networks for rapid wind power development. The wind power potential in Karnataka is assessed to be at least 50,000 MW from wastelands alone for a turbine height of 80 m.

Construction of the 125th and last turbine at the London Array Offshore Wind Farm has been completed, marking the end of major construction activities at the massive 630MW renewable energy site.

Wind energy companies ReGen Powertech and Kenersys India, on Thursday, unveiled new products for the emerging multi-megawatt turbine market at the Wind Power India 2012 event here.