By Roman Olearchyk in Kiev, Neil Buckley in Moscow and,Frances Williams in Geneva Ukraine is likely to be in a position to block Russia's bid to join the World Trade Organisation later this year, giving it significant leverage that it could use in natural gas supply talks or in retaliation over Moscow's opposition to plans by Ukraine and Georgia to join Nato.

Grains gone wild What's behind the world food crisis? These days you hear a lot about the world financial crisis. But there's another world crisis under way - and it's hurting a lot more people. I'm talking about the food crisis. Over the past few years the prices of wheat, corn, rice and other basic foodstuffs have doubled or tripled, with much of the increase taking place just in the last few months. High food prices dismay even relatively well-off Americans, but they're truly devastating in poor countries, where food often accounts for more than half a family's spending.

This paper presents three case studies of Ukrainian Joint Implementation (JI) projects. The analysis is based on interviews with project stakeholders and public presentations of the case projects. The main questions in focus are: what are the typical JI projects in Ukraine?; what similarities and differences are there between the case projects?; how has the financing of the projects been arranged?; have they been implemented, and how long did it take to launch a project?; and have the same problems or barriers been experienced in all cases?

The Ukrainian government has for the first time allowed a us energy player to explore and develop its potential oil deposits buried beneath the Black Sea. The government believes the reservoir

• Ukraine and Turkmenistan are going to propose the establishment of a consortium with Russia and Kazakhstan for transporting gas to Europe.

Ukraine opens Bastroe canal despite stiff resistance

A requiem for the nuclear plant

ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear plant will be closed down permanently from December 15, 2000. "It's a political decision and the closing of the plant would be a historic event,' Ukraine's president

greenpeace, the us -based environmental group, released a report showing that the environmental impact assessment ( eia ) on completion of nuclear reactors Khmelnitsky 2 and Rovno 4 in

..but that is not the end of problems for Ukraine, as answers to important issues' like the future of workers and alternate energy and monetary resources are still to be found