An Australian law forcing cigarette companies to sell their products in plain packets is about to be tested in court, diplomats at the World Trade Organization said on Friday, ending more than two

Seven miners were killed and nine others injured when a methane blast ripped through a coal mine in eastern Ukraine, emergency officials said on Tuesday.

Seven miners have been killed and nine injured in an explosion at a mine in eastern Ukraine, officials say.

Nine countries in the Black Sea region and southeast Europe agreed on Thursday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in large power plants and oil refineries by 2027 as part of plans to forge closer t

UN climate talks have hit a stumbling block that some delegates say poses a serious challenge to their already slow-moving attempt to craft a global response to climate change.

Afforestation, planting trees in an area where there have previously been no trees, can reduce the effect of climate change by cooling temperate regions, finds a study in BioMed Central's open acce

Germany's upper house of parliament passed a resolution on Friday urging Chancellor Angela Merkel's government to tighten the rules for controversial modern drilling techniques, or fracking, for un

A universal climate change agreement is both necessary and possible — and we need to migrate to the politics of opportunity

Doha failed to fashion meaningful action on climate change but got all nations on one platform

India on Monday signed a pact with Ukraine to take advantage of its expertise in nuclear safety and radiation protection.