Priorities, post WSSD

At its recently concluded third session in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations Forum on Forests unff took a step towards the creation of a legally binding instrument. An ad hoc expert group was established to consider the parameters of a mandate for

It was only half a year ago, but events since the Johannesburg earth summit already make it seem like a distant event. The world has just seen an American engineered war in which the un was sidelined and the us paid scant regard to the views of even its t

Following up on sustainable development summits

A decline in its funds and erosion in its mandate have made the United Nations Environment Programme virtually ineffective. Bharat H Desai looks at recent attempts to revitalise it

The CSD urges governments to take up sustainable tourism development

New Zealand s minister for the environment Simon Upton is the chairperson of the seventh session of the Commission on Sustainable Development CSD 7 , which is scheduled to meet at the United Nations, New York, in April th

Poor environmental conditions would increase human health risks, warns a study jointly conducted by the World Resource Institute (WRI), the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations

CSD has become a stratospheric environment in which no wisdom gets injected from the perspective of the poor

There is an urgent need for a national and international debate on how the world s water resources are going to be managed