Call them the lakers . Some 10,000 of them. Parts of the Dal land and water belong to them. And when they feel the need to make a floating garden or land on the lake, they simply do it. Especially since the militancy problem in the Valley began, there

Morning in Dal: commotion behind the scenes

An ingenious and indigenous way of cultivation

... and sewage a strong political will is needed to get rid of them?

After more than 30 years of struggle, the Inuit people of Canada are given more autonomy and the right to self determination

God made all humans equal, but some are more equal than others when it comes to consuming the world's resources

Wooden carvings are hot selling products throughout the world. Unfortunately, the popularity of the product may also lead to its downfall. The Kenyan wooden carving industry is a good example of the

India is going to receive a technical assistance of US $14 million from the UNDP to strengthen its leather, fibre and handicrafts sections. The UNDP and the government of India signed two US $7

Were the World Bank policies faulty?

The ministry of environment and forests has banned setting up of