Hyderabad Aug. 21: Over 20,000 encroachments dot the 250-odd lake beds in and around the city. And this is all happening because the officials prefer to turn a blind eye to the illegal construction activities. The problem has been further compounded with the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority failing to demarcate the Full Tank Level (FTL), the dry area that submerges during rains. Sources said nearly 200 lakes in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district do not have the FTL markings.

By taking a case study from Chennai, this paper qualitatively assess pedestrian environment in an institutional zone. Techniques for assessing pedestrian facilities are discussed before undertaking evaluation of the pedestrian environment. Through this evaluation of pedestrian amenities and the quality of the pedestrian environment, the authors reveal serious shortcomings.

The floods of August 2006 are among the worst Gujarat's Surat city has experienced in recent times. The sudden release of a huge amount of water from the Ukai dam led to over 80 per cent of Surat

Street vendors form a very important component of the urban informal sector in India. It is estimated that the total number of street vendors in the country is around 10 million.1 They comprise around 2% of the total population in the metropolitan cities. This paper broadly defines a street vendor as a person who offers goods for sale to the public at large without having a permanent built-up structure from which to sell.

vultures along with some 50 other species of birds have migrated from Delhi in the last few years as their traditional habitats have made way for unplanned urban development, says Rupin Dang, a

the residents of Municipal Corporation of Delhi's ( mcd) flats at Soami Nagar have accused the Delhi Develop

As land is siphoned off for private buildings, Goa is becoming another urban disaster

Ranchi, March 22: Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has turned its attention on illegal meat and fish sellers, mobile towers and water connections in the state capital as part of its ongoing anti-encroachment drive.

The municipal corporation has asked roadside meat and fish vendors to wind up shop immediately or face the music.