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L&Tis going in for a major change in its energy business focus. The country

The continued apathy of the State Government and the District administration, environmental pollution has resulted in creating a situation where many mountain towns are experiencing the problem caused by epidemic proportions of polythene waste not disposed scientifically.

The rural population in India does not have access to reliable energy. India has millions of tonnes of unused and available biomass waste. This loose biomass is currently treated as a waste with no economic value. It is often burnt inefficiently in open fields, causing air pollution. However this 'waste' can be turned into a completely environment-friendly source of energy through briquetting.

New Delhi: The Cabinet is to revisit on Thursday the proposal to introduce 10% ethanol

Solar food dryers play an important role in the drying of agro-produce, which is an excellent way to preserve food. They are an appropriate food preservation technology for a sustainable world.

Badal valley in Uttarakhand has now become a demo valley for green energy----

The coming years are going to be quite difficult for the world if preventive measures are not taken to tap new and non-conventional sources for its energy requirements.