Cellular attack against the virus works

Private funding has given a new meaning to scientific research today. With rising corporate research budgets, academic institutions are leaning more on industry sponsorship and less on government or charitable foundations. A major fallout of this alliance

HIV evades vaccine by mutating

More virulent form of diseases could be the future babies of ineffective medicines

Vaccines and tight controls on livestock movement would be used by Zimbabwe to combat an outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease. "Instead of slaughtering the cattle, we will set up a taskforce

at least 200 horses died during 1999-2000 at the King Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chennai, because of non-adherence to any scientific protocol for production of anti-snake venom serum (

Two techniques emerge to battle the HIV onslaught

Goat milk may become the source of malaria vaccines in coming times. Researchers have made genetic modifications in mice to alter

The foot-and-mouth disease

The development of new drugs could contain the spread of malaria