Those who have had fewer respiratory diseases when young are the ones who are more susceptible to asthma

In 1996 there has been a significant development in drugs for the treatment of AIDS. Even as Americans and Europeans are optimistic about the success of anti-AIDS drugs, a report by United Nations

Efforts to vaccinate children in eastern Africa against polio have been so successful that the region is

Ministers and top government representatives from over 100 countries assembled at the 19th session of the governing council of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya,

The new policy of the National Foot and Mouth Disease control programme in Bhutan lays down that migrating animals will now need to be compulsarily vaccinated and will be provided movement permits.

for the millions suffering from tuberculosis, especially in the Third World countries, the development of a new vaccine offers a glimmer of hope. Scientists at the Medical Research Council, uk, have

A vaccine developed &om genetically engineered cells has been found to eradicate tumours from the brains of laboratory rats. Developed by cancer scientists at the University of California in Los

Scientists are now working towards developing efficient vaccines out of 'complements', proteins which safeguard against disease-causing pathogens (New Scientist, Vo1149, No 2014). Douglas

Humankind may soon to face to face with a miracle if the dozen odd cancer vaccine trials, currently on in the United States, emerge successful

Scientists in Switzerland have Begun preparations to test a new oral vaccine for stomach ulcers. The vaccine is the result of a joint venture between the Boston-based biotechnology