A proposed injectable polio vaccine may cut down the risk of contracting the paralysing disease

Scientists at the US-based National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases recently suggested a new vaccine for blood flukes (Schistosoma mansoni) that cause snail fever in humans. The

Scientists at the Australia-based Queensland Institute of Medical Research have given the green light to the establishment of "DNA Vaccines" as the obvious choice of the future (Biotechnology,

A recently developed Indian birth control vaccine is being debated to death

THERE is hope yet for those unable to shake off their addiction to drugs and alcohol. The cure is indigenous, painless and involves the oral intake of a vaccine made from homeopathic elements.

MEASLES vaccine killed 3 infants at Debagram in Nadia district of West Bengal. This was confirmed by members of the inquiry committee which investigated the incident. However, the exact

With HIV spreading fast in some Third World nations, these countries have decided to end months of uncertainity by opting for vaccine trials rejected by the US

Two institutes are at logger0eads over who deserves the credit for an antieprosy vaccine

Good news for those down with malaria. Manuel Patarroyo, a biochemist from Colombia, claims that he is about to develop a vaccine against the disease, one of the oldest scourges of mankind. The

A NEW one-dose vaccine against typhoid, developed by K P Klugman of South Africa, has recently been licensed and introduced in India. The vaccine does not cause the swelling and fever