JAPANESE scientists hail environmental technology as the new frontier of science. Surveyed on breakthroughs they consider likely in the next generation, scientists listed 1,149 topics in 16 fields.

FINALLY, an AIDS vaccine that works -- on monkeys. Harvard University researchers in despair turned to the old-fashioned, but unsafe, method and injected four rhesus monkeys with a weakened, live

Uganda has agreed to be a testing site for trials of AIDS vaccines.

Vaccine trials in a Madhya Pradesh government hospital are making children sick. Down To Earth finds out that harmful chemicals in high amounts is the culprit.

Pakistan reports more polio cases: Pakistan reported four polio cases just two days after the much-publicized anti-polio campaign concluded on October 16. Three polio victims are from Punjab and one from the North West Frontier Province. These cases take the number of children incapacitated by the disease this year to 81. Five cases of polio surfaced in the capital city Islamabad, seven in the

The Director Animal Husbandry, Hyderabad has advised the livestock owners to get their animals vaccinated as there are possibilities of spread of various diseases.

The controversy over the city district government's animal vaccination drive continues to rage as animals are reportedly developing abscesses and falling ill, while some have died after being admin

The final report of the third National Family Health Survey (nfhs-3) is out, but doubts remain whether it will be used to improve national health policies. Although 100-odd research papers have

The news that Indian poultry in parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat have been detected with the deadly avian influenza virus may have temporarily shaken chicken eaters in the country. But it will be a

Against sheep and goat plague