MRC s operations are still going on in this Karnataka district, but their fate is uncertain

Communities and state governments have to play a more important role

Malaria is easy to check. Just do not let mosquitoes breed. This is the essence of the bioenvironmental way to control such tiny big disease carriers. But the administration never took this strategy up seriously. Fifteen years of bureaucrat

The outbreak of a deadly disease is a cause for concern for people in Nepal. Encephalitis or inflammation of the brain has claimed about 300 lives in Nepal. The disease is caused by

Identified a century ago and viciously attacked by pesticides and drugs, the Anopheles mosquito and the malarial parasite still survive to prey on humanity

David Roos and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania in the US, present evidence that parasites responsible for some of the world's most serious diseases, including malaria, stole

The scientific community is trying hard to combat communicable diseases which have made a comeback

the successful trial of an experimental vaccine developed by a British healthcare group has given a major boost to researchers looking for an effective remedy for malaria. The SmithKline Beecham

An early monsoon and increasing drug resistance spark off malaria fatalities in Assam

THE burst of infectious diseases like malaria, kala-azar, cholera and tuberculosis in India is indicative of a deeper malaise. Despite a stated emphasis on participatory health management, in actual