NEW DELHI: Mahindra & Mahindra on Tuesday launched the variants of its sports utility vehicles (SUVs) Scorpio and Bolero, containing

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VADODARA: It may not be long before the cars will be running on the Indian roads literally on water! Sounds amazing, but the senior researcher of the central government

Pune, September 19 A new machine for autorickshaws is set to serve a three-fold purpose: raise fuel efficiency by 30 per cent, reduce pollution levels and increase the driver

The Government has decided to implement a new duty structure to promote the import of clean fuel vehicles from 2009 and to provide tax concessions on par with existing schemes applicable to local indu

Sri Lanka Cabinet approved tax reductions to all locally assembled and manufactured cleaner fuel vehicles at yesterday's Cabinet meeting.

Students at Bheri Technical Institute (BTI) in Nepalgunj have successfully developed and test-drove on Wednesday a vehicle named 'Niful' that runs on solar power and batteries.

A future of all-electric cars coasting along streets and highways may be illusory, given that their range may be cut in half by aggressive drivers speeding along with the air conditioning blasting, US scientists said on Monday.

That may not be a bad thing, as it will persuade consumers to choose the best blend of electric- and gas-powered hybrid vehicle to suit the type of driving they do.

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EU transport policy aims at Co2 emission cut

NEW DELHI: Though the fate of Tata Motors

Fri Sep 12, 1:40 PM ET

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday touted his commitment to promoting alternative energy sources by commuting to work aboard a fully solar-powered taxi.

"I hope that this Solartaxi, one of the alternate sources of energy, can give some good messages to the people around the world that we need to be creative, we need to be practical," he told reporters as he arrived at UN headquarters.

It will use lithium ion batteries
Battery charging stations needed

SHAH ALAM: A Dutch company announced plans on Tuesday to produce affordable electric cars by the end of 2009, promising that they would be much more powerful than existing models and have zero emissions.

Detroit Electric is in negotiations with Malaysia